Social Entrepreneurs and Social Activists

social entreprenuers

Social entrepreneurs are leaders in social service provision. For example, a social service provider may start a single school for disadvantaged children. The great outcomes from the school might be used to create a social activist movement. The social activist might also campaign for government support of similar programs. In this way, the social entrepreneur can have the same impact. However, there are several differences between the two types of social entrepreneurs. Here are some important differences. Source – Marc Kielburger

Social Entrepreneurs Are Leaders In Social Service Provision

As a pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist, Victoria Hale became frustrated with the market forces in her industry. She had patents on cures for infectious diseases but couldn’t access them because of their high costs. Her passion for making medicines affordable to those in need led her to create a nonprofit that would address this problem. Eventually, Hale’s company grew and achieved its mission. Through her company, she was able to build a model that could help people around the world.

As an entrepreneur, social entreprenuers are responsible for a broader set of needs than the profits from their business. While profit is a necessary element of all businesses, social responsibility should be their primary focus. As a social entrepreneur, you will be more concerned with the well-being of the community than with profit. You will be the face of a business that benefits the public as a whole.