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Developers in Cyprus

When it comes to investing in real estate in Cyprus, you will find dozens of developers actively working on the island. When the market is hot, investors are attracted to this island because of the abundance of property. Cyprus property developers work around the clock to meet demand for their properties. This has paved the way for Cyprus’s real estate industry to grow exponentially. To be on the cutting edge of real estate development, check out these developers in Cyprus. Find out more

This Has Paved The Way For Cyprus’s Real Estate Industry To Grow Exponentially

The process of developing real estate in Cyprus is long and complicated, requiring public approval and financing for each project. A property developer buys a tract of land, develops a building program, and obtains all the approvals needed to build. The developer oversees the construction process and ultimately sells or rents out completed buildings. Those who are looking for a new home or investment property in Cyprus should seek out a developer with a proven track record.

One of the leading property developers in Cyprus is the D. Zavos Group, which was established in the 1980s. They are responsible for some of the landmark projects in Cyprus, including hotels, shopping malls, and golf resorts. The company also specializes in commercial properties for investment purposes. Their projects include everything from luxurious villas to exclusive apartments and residences. Throughout their history, the D. Zavos Group has built more than 5,000 properties and issued 117 separate title deeds.

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